Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System


Anviet has been providing solutions to the lightning protection and grounding industries for some years. We have experience in all facets of these markets including engineering, systems design, and installation. Our engineering department provides design services for engineers and contractors locally that strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology, offering designs in the latest Autocad format.

We provide totally six point lightning protection solutions by offering a comprehensive range of top quality products for protection in facilities safety including of 

1.      Capture the lightning trike

2.      Convey this energy to ground

3.      Dissipate the energy into the grounding system

4.      Bond all ground points together

5.      Protect incoming AC power feeders

6.      Protect low voltage data/telecommunications circuits

All of our products are complied with IEC, ITU-T, ANSI/IEEE, NFPA, TCVN standards and so on. Anviet's ultimate goal ensures that our customers receive the highest quality products in a timeframe that fits their requirements.

Otherwise, we provide services of installation, maintenance for all lightning protection equipments of other manufacturers in the world by professional, dynamic and high training experts.