Benefits of working with Anviet

Benefits of working with Anviet


Factory Authorized Representatives & Resellers

Factory Trained 
Our representatives are required to take factory product training.

First Line Support 
Our representatives are happy to be of service and can reach by cell phone after hours to help resolve problems quickly.

Factory Support 
Since we are a Direct Sales Representative or Factory Authorized reseller, you get all the benefits of working with Anviet and Direct Support from the manufacturer as well, at no additional cost.

Excellent Products 
Our goal is to provide the best products and the most competitive prices.

Great Prices  
If you are on a tight budget let us know and we will make every effort to meet your requirements.


Manufacturer Representatives

As a manufacturer representative we have been contracted to be the “Direct Sales Channel” and first line tech support for the manufacturer. So when you work with a Anviet representative, you will be buying directly from the manufacturer with the added benefit of a dedicated sales contact to support you during and after the sales process. When you have a request or suggestion we are there to make sure your voice is heard.


Factory Authorized Reseller

As a Factory Authorized Reseller, Anviet has been hand selected by the manufacturer to resell their product line. Our representatives receive product training from the factory and work with factory engineers to provide the best service and support.  Many manufacturers choose not to sell direct and thus the customer will need to buy from a reseller. As a Factory Authorized Reseller Anviet works directly with the factory on all customer specifications, request and orders. 


No additional cost. Our pricing will be the same or in many cases lower than the factory list price. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with our customers with great service, support and pricing.